Pricing and Quality

You pay for the Lead Only as it comes in.  The price is negotiated up front by you and us before we start. It is the lowest price out there, lower than the yellow pages pay per call companies, lower than even other vendors providing leads from PPC or just citations.  Again, these leads are from the first page of Google Maps & Websites.

Also, here is an interesting note...

Most often, you can reduce or even eliminate your Pay Per Click Advertising (Google Adwords) that are above the maps because you can hear the same people calling the maps as the PPC.  Many of our customers have told us that their average customer acquisition Cost Per Call ranges from $68 to $160 just to get a new customer phone call.  Our price per call is often less than 1/2 of pay per click cost per call amounts.

So, I guess its safe to say that...our calls don't cost you anything, they save you money, while giving you the highest quality call out there due to the following factors:

  • When you're in Google Maps people feel psychologically that you're right down the street from them.
  • They feel that you "know" them, or "understand" them and their city.
  • They feel as if there is recourse if anything goes wrong because you're "right down the street", they feel that you're accessible.
  • They feel that you give good service and are not a "large commercial" company that advertises in the Paid section.
  • They are more psychologically trusting of listings in the maps compared to listings in the paid section.
  • Most often, you can hear the customer say (as we record the phone call) that the maps call was their 1st or 2nd call.
  • Often, because you're in the maps, they feel that you are more "fair" on price, since you work in the community that they live in and on the call they ask things like "How fast can you be here?" which is a higher quality customer.

def of ppc offering

These type of calls are Not billable by us:

  • Repeat Calls regarding the same opportunity or service call within 30 Days
  • Spam calls
  • Autobot calls
  • Telemarketer Sales calls
  • Calls to verify address
  • Calls to list in their directory
  • Any NON service/product related call

Food for thought Questions...

Don't you hate paying for a bunch of calls that can't or won't convert?

Aren't you tired of your competitors dominating or coming into your areas?

Isn't it frustrating that your Google Map or Website is not ranking anymore and now you have to educated yourself on which SEO vendor is not only telling you the truth, but can actually deliver what they promise?

Do you really want to manage the SEO?  Isn't it just better to buy ONLY high quality leads at an affordable fixed rate?

Aren't you tired of giving your money to Google Adwords and "overpaying" for leads or not getting high quality ones?

Doesn't it make you nervous that you have to learn all of Google's new technology/SEO algorithms just to make sure that your calls keep coming in?

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