Summary of Pay Per Call Benefits

  • You Pay for the Lead Only, Not technology with the “hope” that it might work
  • With us, You have NO capital expenditure in creating Websites, Maps & Videos – You Save Thousands of Dollars in setup costs.
  • You save Risk because You don’t have to “hope and pray” that your “Web guy/marketing guy” is any good and that he doesn’t suck.  We’re already “really good” and we have proved it by ranking Websites, Maps & Videos with the most competitive keywords in the most competitive markets already.  You’ve already paid thousands of dollars for websites & maps & most of them went down, didn’t they?
  • We’re kind of like your Insurance Policy & Marketing partner rolled up in one, because you have virtually no risk to take financially.  You’re just required to pay for the real lead anyway, which is what you want in the end, Don’t you?
  • You probably lost all but 1 of your maps anyway, so you probably don’t have a Google Map strategy and you need one, don’t you?.
  • Google Maps is arguably a substitute for Pay Per Click, Question: How would you love to not over pay for Google Adwords anymore?
  • And...Another thing about Pay Per Click.... The best news is that our ROI is so good that you will reduce your PPC advertising to pay for ours and pocket about 50% back in your pocket...or more!
  • Question: How are you dealing with the new Google Panda & Google Penguin algorithms?  How is it going dealing with all of your lost rankings on your website?  Wish that you were dealing with someone who knows what they’re doing?
  • Do you have a VSEO strategy?  If so, how is it going with the new Google Venice algorithm update?  Are you wondering why you lost your Video/VSEO rankings?  Do you want them back?
    • We have a built in backup insurance policy for our Google Maps to prevent our maps from Going down.
    •  We deliver ONLY qualified leads by employing a receptionist service which “weeds out” ALL undesirable calls =  You ONLY pay for true leads coming to you- No Junk!
    • Question: How prepared are you for Google’s new Google Plus platform?  Are you ready with a “Social Signals”(description at end of this proposal) strategy as Google is now giving credence and rankings to how people are talking about your brand across all of these social media platforms.

 Food for thought…

  • How much money are you spending on doing (SMO) Social Media Optimization?
  •  How much money should you spend on SMO?
  • How do you know what you should spend so you don’t over or underspend?
  • If you were ahead of the pack with SMO right now, how much lead might that give you vs. your competitors who are lazy, procrastinators, or resentful that they need to do SMO and are putting it off?
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to have a partner on this so you wouldn’t have to do it but you could be sure that it was getting done because that partner was tied to you financially, so if you failed, he would fail and if you succeeded, he would also succeed?